BAUKNECHT EMCHT 9145 Integrated Oven + Microwave oven

BAUKNECHT EMCHT 9145 Integrated Oven + Microwave oven

900 Watt microwave oven

Quartz Grill 1600 Watt

Crisp system for special foods that require rubbing

Rapid Start function for quick baking start

Steam cooker operation

Chamber with a capacity of 40 liters

Hot Air system for fast defrosting of food

Electronic operation

8 performance levels

3D system for the perfect uniform baking and cooking

Child lock system for safety against accidental activation


1 rotating plate

1 plate for Crisp operation

1 grill

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  • Brand: BAUKNECHT
  • Product Code: 20893
  • Availability: In Stock

  • 399.00€

Tags: Grill

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