The air conditioner SNT22-09IVi/SNT22-09IVo of the company Singer, has a power of 9000 BTU and is suitable for spaces from 13m² to 18m²

Inverter technology:

The Inverter technology it has makes the air conditioner initially work at maximum, until the set temperature is reached, and then works minimally and continuously, keeping the temperature level in the room constant. This makes it more efficient combined with low consumption

Wi-Fi function:

It has the ability to connect wirelessly via WiFi and you can operate it via your smartphone or tablet, simply by installing the corresponding application. This way you will have access to information about the operation of the unit and other useful features at any time. For example, you will be able to turn on/off your air conditioner from wherever you are, but also set the desired temperature

Low Noise Mode :

The noise produced by its internal unit is 51 db, so it will not disturb you during its operation

Maintenance Tips:

Both the indoor and outdoor units should be serviced once a year by a qualified technician. In this way, existing damage can be treated or new ones can be prevented. In addition to regular maintenance by a qualified technician, it is also recommended to frequently clean the filters and the blades of the indoor unit from dust, which gradually affects the efficiency of the air conditioner

Cooling: A++ / Heating: A+

Cooling Efficiency Rating (SEER) 6.3 W/W

Degree of Heating Efficiency (SCOP) 4.9 W/W

Cooling Consumption 258 kWh/y

Heating consumption 798 kWh/y

Indoor Unit : 51 dB / Outdoor Unit : 60 dB

Indoor Unit Length 79 cm

Indoor Unit Height 27.5 cm

Depth of Indoor Unit 19.2 cm

Outdoor Unit Length 77.7 cm

Height of Outdoor Unit 49.8 cm

Depth of Outdoor Unit 29 cm

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