AEG CCE84543FB Built-in Induction Hob & Hood

AEG CCE84543FB Built-in Induction Hob & Hood

Get more flexibility in cooking, with 4 individual control zones:

The 4 individual control zones allow you to control 4 different cooking zones and set separate timers for each. They include additional features such as 9 power levels, power boost, active touch, child safety lock and hob2Hood control

Combine two cooking zones with the bridge function:

The bridge function combines two cooking zones to accommodate any large or long cookware. Linked zones share the same temperature and time setting and are ideal when cooking for large parties or large celebrations

Ease of cleaning. Ease of removal. 2 in 1 filter:

The 2 in 1 Filter combines a carbon and grease filter, as it removes odors and grease. If the device is installed in recirculation mode, then a 2 in 1 filter is needed. The filter is easily removable and dishwasher safe

Automatic extraction. With Hob2Hood:

Hob2Hood technology enables automatic extraction during cooking. If you raise or lower the temperature on the hob, the extractor fan adjusts accordingly. That way, you will only focus on your food

Boost function. Quickly cleans the air in the kitchen:

When the smoke or steam in the kitchen gets too much, press the boost function button on the extractor for instant and powerful venting. The booster function is activated for 10 minutes to effectively clean the kitchen air

Type of Hob: Induction

Number of Focuses: 4

Black color

Furthermore :

Combine two cooking zones with the bridge function, Get more cooking flexibility with 4 individual control zones, easy to clean, easy to remove, 2 in 1 filter, automatic extraction With Hob2Hood, booster function. Quickly cleans the air in the kitchen

Remaining heat indicator for each hob : Supported

Digital Indicators : Has

Safety Lock : Has

Electronic Settings : Has

Dimension HxWxD (cm) : 78.0 x 52.0

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