Hanseatic HTW510D Top Load Washing Machine

Hanseatic HTW510D Top Load Washing Machine

Washer Type : Top Loader

Color: white

Household size : small household (1-2 people)

Noise level: normal

Washing energy consumption: 60 kWh / 100 cycles

Filling quantity: 5 kg

Water consumption: 41 liters

Rotation volume: 80dB

Maximum spin speed: 1,000 rpm

Washing time: 188 minutes

Features : Delayed start time, signal tone at the end of the program, cleaning program, automatic volume control, reverse, adjustable spin speed

Furniture: soft drum

Safety devices: Imbalance control, foam adjustment, child safety, overflow protection

Operation type : One button program selection, one button operation

Advertisement : Spin speed

Washing programs:

Wool, standard programs, rinse/spin/drain, sports/outdoor/synthetics, special programs, quick programs, stains/intensive, eco program, dark clothes/jeans, baby clothes

Height 88 cm

Width 40 cm

Depth 61 cm

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  • Brand: HANSEATIC
  • Product Code:39757
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  • 299.00€


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