AEG FFB65394ZM Dishwasher 60cm

AEG FFB65394ZM Dishwasher 60cm

MaxiFlex drawer

The MaxiFlex drawer of the AEG dishwasher fits everything and makes your everyday life easier

Place everything in the dishwasher with the MaxiFlex drawer. It is designed to accommodate cutlery and utensils of all sizes. Either large or oddly shaped. Flexible dividers and maximized depth mean any load can be adjusted

SatelliteClean function

The SatelliteClean satellite spray arm of the AEG dishwasher leaves your dishes and utensils sparkling and spotlessly clean

Enjoy flawless dishwashing with SatelliteClean. This satellite spray arm has three times better coverage than conventional. Because the double swivel arm constantly changes the angle of the spray, water reaches every angle. For complete cleaning. SatelliteClean provides up to three times better coverage

Airdry technology

Airdry technology allows you to maximize drying performance with natural airflow. The door automatically opens up to 10 cm when the cycle is at the last stage and the dishes have been washed. It naturally dries your utensils, reducing energy consumption at the same time

Device Type : Free

Color: Inox-Silver

Energy Class: D

Dinnerware capacity: 14

Furthermore :

Maxiflex cutlery rack, removable dividers for knives - Adjustable space and convenient cleaning

Additional features:

Aqua Stop and Aqua Sensor

Noise level in db : 44

Eco Function : It has

Type of Detergent: Liquid - Tablet - Powder

Dimension HxWxD (cm) 85 x 60 x 62.5

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