Electrolux EW9H378S Dryer 8kg

Electrolux EW9H378S Dryer 8kg

CycloneCare system

The CycloneCare system ensures that clothes dry evenly and gently in the air. So their shape, feel and appearance are maintained over time

Clothes dry thoroughly and evenly from all sides. This is achieved through a helical stream of air which is applied to many types of fabric, from large sheets to small delicates. This airflow targets hard-to-reach areas such as pockets and seams for precise and even drying

DelicateCare System

DelicateCare technology adjusts the temperature and movements of the fabric for proper care. The quality of your clothes is guaranteed

Outdoor by Electrolux

Use the Outdoor program in the Electrolux washing machine to wash your clothes and give them the best care


Sensors detect moisture of any kind within the load. This means that the clothes will be evenly dry and protected from excessive heat for a drying with absolute precision. At the same time, it is ensured that the shape and softness of the clothes will be preserved for a long time

SensiCare system

Sensors automatically adjust cycle settings to load size within the first minute to reduce time, energy and water used. This ensures that your clothes maintain their look and feel

Engine: Inverter

Drying technology: Heat Pump

Middle LCD Touch Screen

LED interior lighting

Woolmark Blue

Bucket capacity 118 liters

Large water tank 5.28 lt

Start Delay from 1 - 20 hours

Single filter in the door for easy cleaning

Suitable for: Home use

Color: White

Energy Class: A+++

Furthermore :

LED Interior Lighting/Woolmark Blue/User Reversing Door/Inverter Motor/Heat Pump Technology

Dimension HxWxD (cm) :

85 x 60 x 66.5

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