Electrolux EW8HS259S Dryer 9kg

Electrolux EW8HS259S Dryer 9kg

You can be sure that clothes will continue to look and feel great with the PerfectCare 800 dryer's DelicateCare System. It sets the right temperature for each garment, while the drum movement adapts to the specific fabric. So clothes get just the right care, even those you'd never think to put in the dryer

DelicateCare :

the DelicateCare System adjusts temperature and movement according to the fabric for precise care. The quality of the clothes is maintained.

* No shrinkage/narrowing of wool, compared to flat drying

The professional steam generator reduces creasing by up to a third and thus significantly reduces the need for ironing. You can also use the steam function to freshen your clothes, as the steam removes odors from food or smoke. You don't need to wash your clothes as often, thus protecting them from wear and tear

Gentle Care :

The GentleCare System dries clothes at almost half the temperature compared to conventional dryers so they are never exposed to unnecessary heat


The SensiCare System adjusts drying time to the moisture levels of each load. Saves time and energy without compromising on care

Accessing and cleaning the EcoFlow Filter System is easy. With such easy maintenance, you know the air is circulating efficiently, every time

The anti-allergy steam program is certified by Swissatest and removes over 99.99% of bacteria and viruses* from clothes. By combining washing at 60°C and steam, the hygiene and cleanliness of the clothes is maintained, with reduced allergens

Loading Type : Front

Energy Class: A++

Condensation Efficiency: B

Cycle Duration: 200 minutes / cycle

Annual Consumption: 259 KWh/year

Noise Level : 65dB

Capacity: 9kg

Width 59.6cm

Height 85cm

Depth 65.9cm

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