Thermogatz Gs Grill Elite Gas Grill Cast Iron Grill

Thermogatz Gs Grill Elite Gas Grill Cast Iron Grill

Baking surface:

With dimensions of 70x42 cm, its cooking surface will satisfy the requirements of the whole group. In addition, its cast iron grill is non-stick, so you can handle fish or meat with the same ease

Side Focus:

The Elite sideburner has a total power of 2.5kW and was built to take your hands off. Enjoy the freedom of parallel cooking in your pan and grill and make fried fish, vegetables and delicious meatballs, while at the same time grilling the meat of the whole family

Folding Side Shelf :

The side shelf will keep your hands free! There will be space for every plate or dish you will need during baking! Plus, when you're not using your grill, you can take it down to reduce its bulk

4 inox burners 3kW each

1 side burner 2.5kW

Automatic ignition

3 narrow cast iron grates 6mm

Maintenance grill Inox

Enamel diffusers

Inox thermometer

Folding left shelf

Double wall lid with stainless handle

Removable fat collection drawer

Compact transport wheels with brake

Storage space

Cooking surface: 70x42 cm

Color : Silver

Cooking surface: Grill

Hobs: 4 Hobs

Total Power of Central Burners: 12 kW

Side Eye Power : 2.5 kW

Side Eye Yes

Thermometer Yes

Cast Iron Grill Yes

Folding Side Shelf Yes

Grill width 42 cm

Grill length 70 cm

Height 112.6 cm

Width 56 cm

Weight 41 kg

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