Bosch HND616LS60 (HEA5174S+NWP645CB2E), Set Oven-Hob (Induction)

Bosch HND616LS60 (HEA5174S+NWP645CB2E), Set Oven-Hob (Induction)


Energy efficiency category: A.

Color: stainless steel / black

Useful content: 71l

Number of programs: 7

Programs: air, pizza program, automatic programs, resistance (down), grill, grill + air, resistors

Temperature range: 50-275 ° C

LCD Screen, Enamel Oven Wall Cleaning, Telescopic Brackets, Cool Safety Front, Child Safety, Safety Closure

Equipment: fast heating, retractable rotary selector, timer, time display, touch control function

Conventional heating energy consumption: 0.97kWh / cycle

Air / hot air energy consumption: 0.81kWh / cycle

Induction Hob

Stainless steel frame

Kitchen: 4 cooking zones, including cooking zone Ø 21cm (2.2 / 3.7kW), 2x cooking zone Ø 18cm (1.8 / 3.1kW) or 1x cooking zone, 1x cooking zone Ø 14.5cm ( 1.4 / 2.2kW)

Temperature control: 17 levels


Child Safety, Closing Safety, Residual Heat Index (2 Levels)

Fireplace Detection Equipment, Stop & Go (ReStart), PowerBoost, Bridge, Timer

Oven height: 59,5 cm

Oven width: 59.4 cm

Deep oven: 54.8 cm

Stove height: 5.5 cm

Stove width: 58.3 cm

Fire Depth: 51.3 cm.

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  • Brand: BOSCH
  • Product Code: 07814
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  • 749.00€

Tags: Bosch, Set Oven-Hob, Induction

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