Telemax TMX-AF8067 Air fryer

Telemax TMX-AF8067 Air fryer

Air Fryer from Telemax

Cook Healthy with minimal oil in this excellent fryer.

It has a large 6.5 liter bucket and a control window with lighting to see the cooking progress.

It has ready-made programs but you can choose the temperature and cooking time yourself.

If you open the bin to check the food, when you close it again the program continues where it left off.

Easy to use, you will love the Telemax AirCook Window fryer

Product Type: Air Fryer

Design : Free-Bench

Brand: Telemax

Model : TMX-AF8067 (Aero Cook Window)

Account Code: 31-8067

Mode of Operation : Digital

Capacity 6.5 liters

Digital Control


8 ready programs

Temperature Control 65-200 C

Visual window for food inspection

Interior lighting

Power: 1500 Watts

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  • Brand: TELEMAX
  • Product Code:40413
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