Grundig GFBM 23420 Kitchen

Grundig GFBM 23420 Kitchen

Kitchen type: Electric stove

Energy efficiency class: ONE

Conventional energy consumption: 0.99 kWh

Energy consumption hot air/recirculated air: 0.9 kWh

Connection price: 9,900 Watt

Internal volume: 72 liters

Size : large (over 65 litres)

Number of ovens: 1

Types of heating:

Defrost, Circulation Air Grill, Circulation Air, Bottom Heat, Top/Bottom Heat, Warm Air

Features: Fast heating

Facilities : Anti-fingerprint, cooking chamber lighting, telescopic pull-out

Safety device : Residual heat indicator

Controls : Rotary switch, retractable

Door properties : Triple glazing, low door temperature

Output system: 2x telescopic extension

Internal material: Smooth enamel

Cooking zone material: Glass ceramic

Number of fireplaces: 4

Cooking zone equipment:

Single circuit cooking zones, double circuit cooking zones, baking zone

Height 85 cm

Width 60 cm

Depth 60 cm

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  • Brand: GRUNDIG
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