X-Ô by Rowenta: Nothing can limit you anymore!

Innovative home cleaning solution that allows you to have it all: The cleaning power of a canister vacuum cleaner and the incomparable convenience of a rechargeable stick vacuum cleaner. Rowenta's X-Ô combines a high absorption power of up to 140 Air Watts and state-of-the-art technology with a removable lithium hexafluorophosphate battery for up to 70 minutes of use and coverage for spaces up to 110 m². Discover the most modern way of cleaning that puts an end to restrictions, with the silent and ultra-light rechargeable vacuum cleaner that offers unlimited flexibility. Housekeeping will never be the same again

Capacity: 1Lt

With sufficient capacity to sweep every day and without emptying every now and then

Absorption Power: 140 (AirWatt)

With high absorption power so that no trace of dirt remains

Recharge Time: 4 hours

Charge it and benefit from its action again and again

Autonomy: Up to 70min

One charge is enough to clean an entire house

Noise level: up to 69dB

With a silent motor to enjoy maximum cleaning performance, without sound interference

For cleanliness... "unconditional"!

Flex technology offers unlimited flexibility, to clean in detail, even the most inaccessible places. With 4 main wheels and 54 side wheels, it ensures easy handling and 360° coverage

Stores easily

The sleek and compact design allows for storage even in very tight spaces, along with the foldable accessory for ultimate convenience

Type : With Bucket

Bucket capacity ? 1 Lt

Noise level : 69 dB

Power: 140 AW

Autonomy: 70 min

Color: White/Blue

Accessories :

Furniture brush / Cleaning brush / Joint brush / Mini Turbo foot

Sole for hard floors: Available

Anti-allergic function: It has

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