Gorenje ECS6250CLI Kitchen

Gorenje ECS6250CLI Kitchen

The Gorenje kitchen features ceramic hobs that have a smooth and glass surface that turns red when heated. It has an oven with a capacity of 71 liters, which is a sufficient size for an average family.

Characteristics :

SuperSize - Capacity 71 lt

HomeMade Plus - traditional shaped oven

Rotary knobs

PerfectGrill - 2 resistances for optimal heat distribution

MultilevelBaking - baking on several levels

XXL - storage drawer

SilverMatte - internal coating for easy cleaning

Analog timer

Cooking methods:

Infrared heater

Grill with air

Lower resistance and air heater

Small grill


FastPreheat, 200◦C in 6 minutes



Lower & upper resistance with entry steam

Lower resistance with hot air and entry steam

Hot air with entry steam

Hob features:

Front left: ∅21/12 cm - 2200 W

Back left: ∅ 14.5 cm - 1200 W

Back right: ∅ 18/12 cm - 1700 W

Front right: ∅ 18 cm - 1800 W

Security :

Detachable door with double glass


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