BOSCH HLS59D321 Kitchen

BOSCH HLS59D321 Kitchen

With the Bosch HLS59D321 you have a kitchen where the hob is controlled through the kitchen. If there are many connections in the kitchen, you can install the independent device in a suitable place. The Bosch HLS59D321 offers you a low temperature, alternating rapid heating function heats the oven to the desired baking temperature, so you don't have to wait long for your food. One of its special features is the telescopic extension. Catalytic self-cleaning function. To avoid accidents in the kitchen, there is a safety device for children. Baking ovens must be cleaned frequently. Baking ovens must be cleaned frequently. The model is operated via an easy-to-use control panel. The Bosch HLS59D321 is presented as an energy saver with an induction hob. With an induction hob, the magnetic base of the induction cookware is heated by an alternating electromagnetic field. This allows you to quickly start cooking.

Height 85 cm

60 cm wide

Depth 60 cm

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  • Brand: BOSCH
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