Korting HE 6241C Ceramic Hob

Korting HE 6241C Ceramic Hob


Built-in stove HE 6241C from the manufacturer Korting, with 4 cooking zones. It is a ceramic with a smooth glass surface, which when heated changes to red. It heats up very quickly and evenly thanks to the heating resistors located below its surface. It is also easier to clean, compared to classic enameled stoves. Its operation is autonomous, ie it can operate on its own without the need for connection to an oven. This means that it can be placed anywhere in the kitchen that suits you best. It is suitable for combination with a counter top oven, since the oven can be placed anywhere, regardless of the hob.

The operation for the selection of the desired temperatures and settings is done digitally and by touch. All options are located at the bottom of the hob and are integrated into the surface. Therefore, all you need to do to start cooking are a few gentle touches with your finger.

Features & Dimensions

Number of Centers: 4

Type: Ceramics

Height: 5.5cm

Width: 59cm

Depth: 52cm





Number of Homes4

Touch Switches





Device Dimensions

Height 5.5 cm

Width 59 cm

Depth 52 cm

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