Bosch SMV2HVX20E Εντοιχιζόμενο Πλυντήριο Πιάτων

Bosch SMV2HVX20E Εντοιχιζόμενο Πλυντήριο Πιάτων

Model name: SMV2HVX20E

Number of seat settings: 13 dishes

Energy efficiency class: E (A to G)

Airborne noise emissions: 46 dB

Number of programs: 5

Machine care program

Cutlery drawer

AquaStop water protection system

Control screen

Default start time

Induction of Insufficient Salt-brightener


height: 81.5 cm

width: 59.8 cm

depth: 55 cm

Drain pipe length: 1.9 m

Inlet pipe length: 1.65 m

Voltage: 230 V.

Volume: 10 A

Connected load: 2.4 kW

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