Bosch CTL636EB6 Built-in Automatic Espresso Machine with Wi-Fi

Bosch CTL636EB6 Built-in Automatic Espresso Machine with Wi-Fi


Automatic CTL636EB6 espresso machine, from Bosch. The coffee is served with beans, where the built-in grinder grinds your coffee to order. So, with just a simple touch from you, the desired amount of freshly ground coffee and water is adjusted and the coffee is automatically prepared. In other words, it offers ease of use, and stability in the quality of the coffee produced each time by the machine. It also does not need to be thoroughly cleaned every time, as it has a removable coffee waste container that you can empty and clean whenever it is full.

It has a power of 1600 Watts, and can quickly heat water to make coffee. Usually around 1100 Watts or more is a device that heats water quickly. The water tank is removable, so it offers easy filling and cleaning, and has a capacity of 2.4 liters. This means that it can make up to 40 single cups of hot espresso coffee, until you need to refill it. Also, thanks to the foam milk grinder, you can manually mix steam and milk to create a foam with the ideal density for the milk drink you prefer, such as cappuccino or latte.

Finally, the pressure exerted by the boiler on the coffee to achieve the extraction, corresponds to 19 bar. The usual prices suggested for a rich and creamy espresso are from 9 bar and up.

There is a possibility of Wi-Fi connection, to set up the coffee maker even when you are not at home. Choose whenever you want, from wherever you are, to activate and operate your coffee maker easily through your mobile or tablet.


Power: 1600W

Water Tank Capacity: 2.4lt

Pressure: 19bar



Providing Coffee Beans

Power1600 W

Pressure19 bar

Water Tank Capacity 2.4 lt

Automatic type


Wi-Fi Yes

Black color

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