AEG BSK892230M Built-in Oven

AEG BSK892230M Built-in Oven



Top features Operation via toggle

Anti-fingerprint coating

Steam function: With the steam function, the food is continuously and automatically supplied with moisture in the form of water vapor when it is being prepared with a classic type of heating. Roasts are juicy on the inside and nice and crispy on the outside. Bread gets the perfect browning. Our ovens with a steam function can also be used for classic steaming of vegetables and fish.


Color stainless steel


Model designation BSE892230M

Energy efficiency class (scale) A++ (A+++ to D)

Energy consumption conventional operation in kWh 0.89 kWh

Energy consumption hot air or circulating air in kWh 0.52 kWh

Number of cooking chambers 1

Electric heat source per cooking chamber

Oven volume per cooking space 70 l


Standard types of heating Bottom heat

top and bottom heat


hot air

Additional types of heating Defrost stage

Grill level 1

keep warm

Humid hot air

pizza level

Hot air with ring heater

hot air grilling

bread baking stage


frozen meals

VITAL steam cooking

humidity low

humidity high

plate warmers

boil down

Sous vide cooking

Touchscreen controls

Rotary knobs cannot be retracted

Matching telescopic extension AEG 3-fold telescopic extension "TR3LFSTV". Not included in the delivery. Please order separately. Item number: 50252665. / AEG 1x telescopic extension "TR1LFSTV". Not included in the delivery. Please order separately. Article number: 99774661.

Type door soft close

Supplied accessories 1 combi grate


Height 59.4 cm

Width 59.5cm

Depth 56.7 cm

Niche height at least 59 cm

Minimum niche width 56 cm

Niche depth 55 cm


Voltage 230V

Fuse 16 A

Connection value 3.5 kW

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