Bosch KGN392WCF Fridge Freezer

Bosch KGN392WCF Fridge Freezer

Bosch fridge-freezer with a capacity of 363 liters, which can comfortably meet the needs of a family of four

No Frost technology:

Thanks to the no frost technology, the accumulation of ice on the walls of the refrigerator is avoided, so you don't have to defrost more than once a year

Low noise levels!

It is considered silent, thanks to its low noise level (35db)

New Energy Class:

According to the new energy class it belongs to class C

Annual Energy Consumption:

The annual energy consumption reaches 162 kWh/y

Height: 203cm

Width: 60cm

Depth: 66.5cm

Cooling System: NoFrost

Energy Class: C

Maintenance Capacity: 260lt

Freezer capacity: 103lt

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  • Brand: BOSCH
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