Siemens HF24G564 Built-in Microwave Oven

Siemens HF24G564 Built-in Microwave Oven

Siemens presents the model HF24G564. It has a cooking space of 25 liters and therefore easily accommodates pizzas or cakes. With 5 power levels with up to 900 watts of power, the model heats up your meals in no time

Your culinary creations are guaranteed to be successful with 8 automatic programs, 3 cooking programs with automatic weight control and automatic weight control, because the HF24G564 adapts the time and settings to the respective dish

Easy to operate thanks to mechanical control

Even browning of the dishes thanks to the powerful grill.

Perfect success of the dishes thanks to the cookControl 8 electronic automatic frying system

lightControl control panel with digital display for intuitive, easy-to-use operation

Modern ease of use thanks to the digital display

Automatic weight control with automatic temperature adjustment for all defrosting, cooking and combination programs

Dimensions 59.4cm x 38.8cm x 38.2cm

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